Gas Fireplaces Offer Warmth and Aesthetic to Your Home

As the wind starts to get a bit chilly, it is time to turn up the heat inside your home using a gas fireplace. While you might have a modern HVAC system installed in your home, nothing can beat the warmth and cozy vibe that is offered by a heated fireplace. It provides the focal piece to any room as your family gathers around it. Indeed, the functional use of a fireplace makes it a staple in any homes or areas that have cold winters that its aesthetic value is often overlooked.

If you are planning to install gas log fires into your home, it is time to think about the aesthetic details. It is built to be efficient and functional but it would not hurt either if you can exploit this feature to make your home extra beautiful.

Aesthetic Value

There are many design concepts to choose from when installing a gas fireplace for your home. From contemporary to vintage, it is your choice as to which style to choose that would best fit into the aesthetic value of your home.

gas fireplace

One idea to install gas fires into your home is through a mantel. This will save you space and also provides several decorative ideas for your living space. A mantel also serves as the focal piece in any room wherein family members mostly gather around in. Hence, the addition of a fireplace is a practical choice, aside from the aesthetic benefits.

The type of finish around the fireplace can also have a huge impact in terms of the aesthetic value of a fireplace. Even cheap gas fires can look expensive with the use of ornate details and finishes. For example, you can add a marble tile finish around the fireplace to give that expensive look to it. Or, you can use brick to layer the outside of the fireplace. Either one you choose of these ideas will create a completely unique aesthetic appeal. You can therefore choose one that best complements your existing home design, or that of the specific room you wish to install the fireplace in.

Size and Shape

Traditional gas log fires are available in a standard square shape. However, there are many new designs to choose from when installing a fireplace that would add a customized touch to your living space. A prevalent design with modern fireplaces is that of a wide and rectangular shape. This is often seen in contemporary and modern sleek spaces. If your home features this particular décor theme, then you should definitely choose these types of fireplaces.

A ribbon fireplace is another unique type of fireplace design that is common in modern and contemporary homes. A ribbon fireplace is characterized a long and lean fireplace that makes a powerful style statement for your home.

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