Heatset Printing for High Quality Magazine Printing

On 31st January 2017, the Smithers Group Pira announced that the printing technology market has invested over $16.3 billion for purchase of print equipment. This is due to the increased printing technologies which have yielded quality and quick printing for people. One of these latest and high efficient printing methods is the heatset printing which is known to be quick and produce high quality printing services.

In heatset printing, the ink is dried quickly and rapidly by the use of heated air, which means you would be in a position to collect your heated documents in a very short time.

The Peculiarity of Heatset Printing

You always read newspapers but you never take time to observe the difference in printing. Many of the magazine or newspaper printing companies like the DFW Printing Company, Inc. use offset printing which is a method that relies on ink evaporation and paper absorption for the ink to dry. Heatset printing does not allow that since it makes the ink to dry before being absorbed by the paper. The difference between the two types of printing is noted when you handle or touch a newspaper and your hands get dirty due to absorbed ink. You cannot keep your offset printed magazine with white clothes or other things.

Printing of the Magazines

Magazine printers that utilize the heatset method are known to produce the colored pages of a newspaper or magazine. The coated papers do not absorb ink so it means all the ink has to dry on the paper for it to attach perfectly. Owing to this, using offset printing on coated papers to produce flyers, magazines, catalogues or any other document could compromise on the quality of your printing work. Heatset printing is known to produce superior quality and versatile documents that are pleasing to the owner.

Process of Heatset Printing

The heatset ink normally has solvents in it that needs to be dried for the printed numbers to stick firmly on to the paper. To do this, the paper would be passed through a heated oven where it is going to be heated and become hot. The ink solvents would then evaporate when the paper reaches the flashpoint and the paper would be left dry with numbers intact on them. Although heatset printing produces more quality newsprint magazine printing, it should be noted that cold set printing is more economical compared to this one. For large volume news printing, heatset printing could be very expensive.

In both off set and heatset printing, the papers are taken through the same process and the only difference comes when it is time to let the ink dry. Cold set uses much less energy as compared to the heatset printing, which is why despite producing high quality printings, people have not opted to use it for their printing works. The inks for heatset printing contain high level of VOCs, which are chemicals that cause hazards for the user. However, many newspaper printers use the heatset printing to print photos and pictures of high quality so that their newspaper or magazine pleases many people. Although the printing quality matters a lot, it is also mandatory for the printing companies to check the overall printing costs.

Post Author: Richard