Does Your Brisbane Building Have Cladding? Pay Attention to This

On December 6, people in Brisbane woke up to something burning. More than forty-five bushfires spread across the state. It destroyed at least three houses and one rural building. Bushfires are not uncommon in Australia, after all. This then highlights the need for a fire safety audit Brisbaneinspectors implement on all building types.

fire safety audit brisbane

Why It’s Essential When You Have Cladding

Brisbane fire building audits are especially necessary if your structure has cladding. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with cladding. It:

  • Protects the walls from outdoor environmental elements such as rain and sunlight
  • Enhances aesthetics and curb appeal
  •  Improves thermal insulation or the structure’s ability to retain and release heat

The problem with this is it’s also prone to fire with severe consequences. Take, for example, in a condo building.

Usually, fire can spread because of a phenomenon called stack effect. This happens when air has many exit and entry points such as windows and doors. This air then helps spread the fire and smoke to other units.

Cladding, though, can make it worse, which explains a fire safety cladding audit. This material runs from the bottom to the top and on different sides of the building. If it has a combustible material, even for a filling, it can only accelerate the fire’s spread.

How Popular Is Cladding in Brisbane?

The state government encourages many of the building owners to participate in a fire safety audit Brisbane programme because many of the structures in the area have cladding.

That’s not all. Some of these structures have combustible materials. In fact, in one of the audits, at least five owned by the government meet the criteria. These include Princess Alexandra Hospital.

When the government launched a programme to help remove combustible cladding, more than 700,000 people registered their properties online.

The Queensland government also plans to continue auditing buildings built from 1994 to 2004 for any combustible cladding. Just imagine how many properties were born within this decade.

The entire fire safety audit Brisbane process takes months. You should have already completed the first three parts. These include:

  • Online registration
  • Submission of the building industry professional statement
  • Engagement of a fire engineer

The last step will be in May 2021. During this period, you should be able to submit a fire engineer statement and building fire safety risk assessment report.

Along the way, if your building has a safety risk, you need to rework cladding and then have a professional assess it.

Does This Mean Buildings Can No Longer Have Cladding?

The answer is no. Even the state government is confident that many buildings are still safe. What it wants to avoid is cladding made from combustible materials.

The state already banned the use of aluminum composite for panels with a polyethylene core that exceeds 30%. A good option, meanwhile, can be cladding made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), especially one that has a class A rating.

The industrial fire protection systems Brisbane CBD products are essential, but you need to do more to improve safety. Look at your cladding, and when necessary, change it before a tragedy happens. Get help from professionals such as DMA Engineers.

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Top Environmental Impact Your Business Should Have on the Community

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