Photocopier Machine Repairs – The Problems

A photocopying machine is a very important office accessory. When it stops working, there can be nothing more frustrating than that. In an office, every second there is a need to photocopy various kinds of documents. It can get jammed, the color of the printouts can be too faded or too bright, or to make matters worse, it can just print blank pages. Often the error messages that come seem gibberish to the user. It should be kept in mind that most of the problems in the photocopiers are manual interventions and can be avoided with a little care. Sydney is a place, teeming with offices and as already mentioned, a photocopier is a very important office tool. So the place should have well-qualified people who can sort out the problems. Photocopier machine repairs are very much essential in the place and should be dealt with the best in the industry.

photocopier machine repairsThe Common Problems

A very funny statistical figure reveals that 23% of the photocopiers stop functioning due to employees sitting on them to photocopy their buttocks. Some other serious reasons which prompt photocopier machine repairs may be as following:

  • Forgetting to plug in the photocopier.
  • Forgetting to turn on the machine.
  • Spilling drinks on it.
  • Getting food and crumbs stuck inside the machine.
  • Using a wrongly sized paper.
  • Hitting, kicking, dropping and banging the machine.
  • Using wrong, empty, clogged or faulty toners.
  • Paper jam.
  • Pressing buttons continuously.
  • Forgetting to put the original document inside the copying machine.
  • Putting the paper upside down.
  • Pulling out the copies before the printing is finished.
  • Using remanufactured toners.
  • The hamster eating through the power cable.
  • The photocopier not being plugged in.

Whatever be the reason, photocopier machine repairs are essential tasks in these cases. Though photocopier machine repairs depend on the type of machine which is used, the help from the right kind of professionals should always be taken.

Fax Repairs

The services of fax repairs in Sydney are also very common. Fax machines usually face issues in the offices. One can follow some simple steps to ensure that the technician has to be called. It is always better to make a test copy before the fax is sent. If there is no line in the copy, then definitely the problem is in the machine of the recipient. But, if there is a line in the sender’s copy, then definitely there is a problem. Fax machines are generally cheap, so it is better to buy a new one. The machine should be repaired only if the cost of the replacement value is more than the service charge rate and there is no requirement of any part.

Onsite photocopier maintenance

Onsite photocopier maintenance service is all about rendering the fastest service by the best professionals. The call response time is faster than one can imagine.

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