7 Things to Look and Prepare for in Student Accommodation

Sending your children to college can be a bittersweet moment. It is the time in your life where you can finally say that your little girl or boy is now a lady or a gentleman. As a parent, you want the best student accommodation Woolloongabba properties offer , complete with the necessary amenities and more. So how do you choose the best for your child?

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Monthly Rental Budget

Before anything else, you want to be particular with your budget. Student accommodation Woolloongabba offers is available at different rates and lease contracts. Some may offer discounts for lease periods of one year. So make sure to check out rates and payment structures beforehand.

Payment Terms

It is essential to check the payment terms. Dormitories often ask for advance rental payments and a security deposit. You should include those in your initial payment. Aside from that, there might be penalties for late payments.

Check if the payments can be made through online bank transfers or credit cards. Ask for the deadline for payments so that you assess if you can pay on or before the due date.

Type of Student Accommodation

There are different types of student accommodation. The rental payments also differ from the type of accommodation you want. Here are some common examples:

  1. Private student accommodation. Landlords manage this type of accommodation. Some rent rooms, along with other students living in the same house and sharing common areas like the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Rooms may be good for two, three, or even five depending on the room size.
  2. University dormitories. The university manages this type of accommodation. Rooms may be good for two or four depending on the room size. The student lives inside the campus. Most often, the package includes food services.
  3. Commercial dormitories. Real estate developers manage this type of accommodation. It is often known as a dormitory-type hotel where amenities may include an indoor gym, swimming pool, study areas, etc. Most often, this type of dormitories caters to a large number of students.

Distance from the University

The most important thing to consider for student accommodation Woolloongabba offers is its distance from the university. If you want a university dorm, then the distance is not the problem.

But if it is outside the campus, you need to consider the travel time and transportation.

At some point in their student life, students will experience being late in class, and living far is a disadvantage.

Safety of the Surroundings

Check if the streets are well-lit at night. Ask the locals for neighborhood activity during the night and even during day hours.

Indoor Safety

Check if the dormitory has security guards. Ask the dorm manager for curfews and house rules. Sometimes, theft occurs indoors. Check for room security and access.

Additional Amenities

The most important for other amenities is the laundry service. Is there a nearby self-service laundry? Student accommodation services may include in-house laundry.

Does the room have study tables with appropriate lighting? Are the bathrooms clean and properly maintained? Does the landlord immediately act upon house repairs?

The best way to find answers is to ask around. For more details, visit https://studentone.com/