What Should You Consider When Purchasing Gold?

 Gold is associated with wealth and money. There are so many reasons why people choose to buy gold as a way of storing value. Purchasing gold jewellery serves dual purposes, not only is it an investment but it is also a great fashion accessory. Be it birthday parties or weddings, anniversaries or get-togethers, we get to see a few people flaunting their gold accessories. When buying gold in NZ, you can use the tips listed below before making up your mind.


Buying Gold


Tips to consider when purchasing gold


  1. Purity grade

Pure gold is denoted in karats. When purchasing your gold you have to ensure that it is pure. Do not just spend without getting value for your money. You should know that the higher the number of karats the higher the purity of the gold.


  1. Hallmark sign

The hallmark sign is a guarantee of pure gold. They have competent agencies that observe and provide a series of testing to ensure that the gold is pure. Most people opt for cheap as they don’t know the impact of spending on an impure stone.


  1. Vendor reputation

As a buyer, you should consider buying gold from a well-known jeweler. This will ensure that you get the right products. Scammers do pose as vendors selling illegal or impure gold. Buying Gold NZ has may require one to ask for recommendations and research in order to find a reliable and authentic store.


  1. Sales

Gold purchases do have an off-peak season where they are sold at a lower price. It is smart to make your purchase during this period as it will save you some cash.


  1. Weight check

This is a very important tip when you are purchasing any precious stone. This will ensure that you pay for what you get.


  1. Buybacks

Some stores do allow you to sell your old gold in exchange for a new one. This is a good idea because if you get bored with an old design you can exchange it for a latest and unique product at the best prices.


  1. Prices

It is best you compare prices and ensure that you are getting the best prices either when buying or selling the gold. You can wait for when the prices for selling are high and when the prices for buying are low to make your move.


  1. The color

Gold is shiny and yellowish in color. Ensure that the product contains the correct color especially for stones. With jewellery, it may contain other colors due to all modifications made.

What makes gold a great investment?


Gold is a great investment because…


  • It is a very valuable asset which ranks at the top investments. The ultimate in luxury, gold will always be in fashion.
  • It lasts longer, you won’t have to worry about expiration.
  • With physical gold, you are able to know the exact value you own.
  • Gold is not affected by inflation as its price tends to rise with the rise in the cost of living.
  • It has no issuer risk as you cannot lose money as you hold it in your possession.

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Post Author: Richard