Why an LDV EV 80 van is a better vehicle choice for your company

Let’s face it. The planet needs a lot of help to recover from decades of abuse. Pollution, deforestation, and neglect wreaked havoc on our environment. This is why companies are coming up with Earth-friendly alternatives to everything and this includes cars. If you are a company that cares about saving the planet, you should consider choosing an electric vehicle like the LDV EV80 for your delivery needs.



ldv ev80



What is the LDV EV 80?

The LDV EV80 is an electric vehicle that runs on electricity instead of fossil fuels. To learn more about this electric van, here are some of its key features:

  • Like other electric cars, it runs using a battery that you charge in any regular outlet. All you need is a couple of hours and the car’s connector to get a fully charged battery.
  • Your van can run on a fully charged battery for 130 miles before you need to plug it in again.
  • It has a payload of 950kg.
  • It has rear barn doors which open up to 255 degrees, allowing for easy loading and unloading.
  • It also has a sliding door on the side, if you would rather load from there.
  • The floors inside are your typical low cargo floors and the entry steps are non-slip.
  • It can fit up to three passengers comfortably in front, including the driver.
  • It is the electric version of the popular LDV V80 van that you can find in LDV dealerships.

What makes the LDV EV 80 special?

One of the great things that make this vehicle better than other vans out there is it can help save the environment. It has zero emissions, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to vans that run on fossil fuels. Other benefits that you can get from using this vehicle include the following:

  • It is less difficult to maintain since it has fewer parts than your usual gas or diesel-fuelled vehicle. Electric vehicles have less than 20 moving parts while fossil-fuelled vehicles have over 2,000 moving parts.
  • It is easy to find the LDV spare parts you need for your van.
  • It is silent, making it a pleasure to drive. You won’t hear any of the usual noises that you usually hear with other van types.
  • You won’t have to bother with the clutch and shifting gears since it is automatic.
  • This electric van can accelerate and stop quickly, much like its passenger vehicle counterparts. It can go from 0 to 50km/h in a few seconds.

If you want to try out one of these vehicles, you can go to an LDV dealership to ask if you can do a test drive. Not all dealerships have the LDV EV80, so you will need to ask around. You can check out Brisbane City LDV to find out more about this van and other LDVs.

It is also an LDV service centre that you can trust with the repair and maintenance of your LDV. To check out their array of unique vans, visit brisbanecityldv.com.au.

Post Author: Richard